São João (St. Jonh), a reason to visit Porto the 23th of June!



The major festivity of Porto and one of the most important in Portugal, puts all the people in the streets with coloured plastic hammers to beat each others, in the longest and craziest night of the year.

All over the city there are inumerous neighbourhood party’s, out on the coloured decorated streets, totally organised by residents. Through the streets, full of folk music, there are plenty of tables, chairs and barbecues to grill sardines, and everybody’s having a good time.

Lots of food (the traditional Sardines, grilled pork), drinks (wine, beer, sangria), good mood (everybody smiles, flirts and hit with hammers) and the amazing fireworks at the Douro River and D.Luis Bridge, on the Unesco’s awarded Porto historical centre, are reasons more than enough to visit it at 23th-24th June.


Just follow the crowd and lead to the Douro river.


Best Regards,

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